Jason Rawles’ gateway to the world from the mountains of North Wales

WE TALK to adventure and extreme sports advocate Jason Rawles on his life in North Wales and the formation of JR Mountaineering.

Jason Rawles

Jason Rawles gave up a corporate life to focus on what he is most passionate about in life: mountains and adventure.


JASON RAWLES had always had an interest in adventure having been involved in the Cadets from the age of 13 and going on to discover Kilimanjaro at 20.


A corporate job meant that for 15 years he was tied up in a life that didn’t allow him to truly follow his passions and explore the places he longed to visit.  


He finally made the decision to move to Llanberis, North Wales where he set up JR Mountaineering (www.jrmountaineering.com). The business supports and organises global expeditions for small groups who will benefit from Jason’s positive message and thoughtful methods.



When did your passion for adventure first begin and could you tell us about some of the early expeditions you went on?


As far back as I can remember adventure was in my blood. Never being happy stuck inside I’d climb out of windows, down the house, and on to my BMX to build tree camps and rope swings. After joining the Cadets at 13 my love for all things ‘mountain’ was found as we went away most weekends to climb and play.


My first taste of expeditions was to Kilimanjaro when I was around 20 years old. This was based on a TV presenter that I thought was super cute, and she did it, and I naturally assumed if I did it too that she’d be attracted to me! Never happened but expeditions sure did…


Ice climbing

Ice climbing is one of several extreme sports Jason enjoys.


What extreme sports do you participate in and what have been some of your biggest challenges?


On the more extreme side I’d say the ice climbing is up there. It’s taking me all over the Alps, across the UK (conditions dependent) and up in to the Arctic Circle. Unfortunately last Winter a ligament in my wrist ruptured meaning absolutely no snow and ice playtime… but this year is very much game on!


I’m not up there with the hardest of climbers but WI6/M5 is probably my hardest so far but it wasn’t sustained and couldn’t have carried on for more than one pitch!


Jason Rawles

Jason has a unique vision for his mountaineering organisation of which you can find out more about at www.jrmountaineering.com.


How was the idea for JR Mountaineering was born and what did it take to get it started?


After getting sucked into a corporate life for around 15 years I started to look around at the quality of life not just for me but those dear to me like my immediate family. I’d prioritised far too many other things, like my business sales goals, and I decided that it wasn’t right.


The changes made included selling my house, ending a toxic relationship and effectively pressing the reset button. I moved from city life to the mountains of North Wales.


The idea behind JR Mountaineering was that it was about quality of experience and making memories. My model is not to run mass events but smaller groups where I can focus my time on those who are paying me for my services. Not just a production line up and down a mountain. It may be okay for some but it’s just not my model. I can then create bespoke experiences and in return you get some amazing memories that will last a lifetime.


What can people expect from JR Mountaineering and what are some of the expeditions and adventures you are able to offer?


People can expect a small group, personal experience that is tailored to exactly what you want whether it be one day in the hills or a month long expedition to the mountains of Nepal. It’s hard to detail exactly the ‘what’ is as it’s based on what an individual or group’s wants are but, needless to say, with JR Mountaineering’s personal attention to detail the possibilities are as endless as someone’s imagination.


JR Mountaineering

Enthusiastic about helping people create memories that will stay with them forever, Jason is always up for chatting and helping others plan adventures.


Could you tell us more about life in Wales and the opportunities it holds for adventure, extreme sports and exploration?


For me, life in Wales is literally one big holiday. I chose North Wales, Llanberis in particular, because in a short amount of time I can be climbing, mountaineering, surfing, kayaking, biking (road and mountain), on a beach, in a lake, wild camping, scuba diving, paragliding and zip lining to name just a few activities! Probably within 20 minutes from my door!


People are amazing, environment perfect, beer is very decent and there is plenty of cake for all!


If you could sum up your philosophy on life in no more than 15 words what would those words be?


Grab life by the horns and ride it like the beast that it is!




For more information on Jason and JR Mountaineering visit www.jrmountaineering.com.

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