The Adventurer Club: Jason Rawles leverages adventure for social good

SINCE moving to north Wales Jason Rawles has been focusing on using adventure as a means of positive social change. Here he talks about a company he has founded which is set to deliver over £100,000 in funded programmes that help people in need of adventure.

Jason Rawles

Jason Rawles recently formed the Adventurer Club which brings adventurers together and builds on skills, knowledge and confidence in the outdoors.

AFTER an injury which prevented him from pursuing his outdoor passions for a while Jason Rawles’ world was thrown into darkness. However, it was during this time that he came up with the idea of the Adventurer Club which soon gave him a new lease of life and inspired him to put everything he had into making a success of it.

Jason has only really completed phase one of his overall ambition for the The Adventurer Club and in this exclusive interview talks about the journey so far and the bold aims he has for the club in the months and years ahead. 


To find out more about the Adventurer Club visit www.jasonrawles.com or email jason@jasonrawles.com.



What’s been happening since we featured JR Mountaineering?


As you may remember I quit the high-octane sales world to pursue my passion for adventure and to help people realise their adventure aspirations. I set that up under JR Mountaineering but the reality is the outdoor industry is saturated. Then one day while out climbing I ruptured my wrist leading to aggressive reconstruction surgery that not only rocked my physical world (couldn’t climb, bike, run, ski, high altitude mountaineering) but my mental health also. I moved to the mountains and this was taken away from me.


What did you do about it?


It sounds kind of cheesy but good things do come out of bad. I had to reflect, quickly and again, on what was important. All the self-help books and learning in the world don’t prepare you for this so it was down to me to get a grip and don’t sink.


I found my love for all aspects of adventure again. The walk in a forest. The bimble around a lake. Stopping by a river and just listening to the flow of water. I also thought very deeply about my impact on society and how I can fulfil my personal needs and not have it be dependent on big climbs or remote expeditions.


Jason Rawles

To find out more about the Adventurer Club visit www.jasonrawles.com or email jason@jasonrawles.com.

What do you mean by needs and how does this link with adventure?


As humans, we have a set of needs. Maslow talks about them as a hierarchy and Anthony Robbins talks about them in terms of things like needing certainty and connections. But there are two needs that can’t be addressed yourself and adventure is the greatest place to get them.


We have a need to grow (gain new skills) and also to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. When we address these, we are on the path to greater happiness. My skills in business and experiences in adventure could be forged to do something amazing… well, in my view anyway!


Jason Rawles

The Adventurer Club gives discounts on guided walks, talks and workshops.

What happened next?


I started The Adventurer Club as a platform for helping not just people to grow as individuals but to deliver back to those who are less fortunate. To explain, we have millions of people in the UK who want to experience adventure but either don’t know how or can’t.


The Adventurer Club brings people together and builds skills, knowledge, confidence and competence while promoting and supporting togetherness. It’s a subscription based commercial model and people get value via discounts, guided walks, skills workshops and talks. All profits are reinvested back in to funding programmes and activities to help those who need a financial leg-up, have special needs or just don’t have the means.


It’s a win-win! Build skills, experience adventure, make friends…do something socially amazing. The great news is my work as an adventure guide, speaker and with businesses, pays my wages so everything (and more with grants and funds) in The Adventurer Club goes back in to social good.


I grew up in a single parent family and would have struggled to do what I’ve done without things like the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, the Air Training Corps and of course the love of a Mum who worked tirelessly for her kids. I’m one of the fortunate few and we can do a lot to help others.


Jason Rawles

Jason has paid tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and the Air Training Corps for nurturing his passion for the outdoors and adventure.

Why should people experience adventure?


At an early age adventure was about escapism. It still is to this day. It’s the place where I create head space and get away from things. It’s also the place where I’ve stretched my personal boundaries which gives me amazing feelings of achievement and wellbeing. It’s where my self-esteem and self-worth grows.


Adventure is the place where everyone can get this. To expand even more. I have such wonderful friends and when we get together to plan and get involved in adventures it’s great fun! Also, there’s always time for cake.


What’s next?


My goal is to deliver over £100,000 in funded adventure programmes and activities and to encourage over 20,000 people to join The Adventurer Club. Bold goals but achievable. It’s all hands to the pumps and I am so fortunate to be supported by so many people and brands.


From a work perspective, I am taking teams to the Himalaya and Kilimanjaro next year plus delivering a stack of keynote talks and corporate adventure/leadership days and workshops. So, it’s incredibly busy.


You can find out more about Jason and contact him via his website www.jasonrawles.com and join The Adventurer Club at www.theadventurerclub.co.uk or email Jason at jason@jasonrawles.com.

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