Redmond Gerard: the young snowboarder taking on the world

REDMOND GERARD talks to us about his achievements in snowboarding and goals for the future.

Redmond Gerard

Redmond Gerard started snowboarding at the age of two and it wasn’t long before his family realised he had a real talent for the sport.


REDMOND GERARD began snowboarding at the age of two. Living in Cleveland didn’t allow for a whole lot of snowboarding so it wasn’t until the winter of 2007/08 when Redmond’s mum’s love for the mountains could wait no longer – the family decided on a trial move to Breckenridge, where seven-year-old Redmond got his chance to hone in on snowboarding. 


Redmond soon tried a USASA competition and made it to the Nationals. Although disqualified when his helmet fell off he loved the experience and the next year one of the judges told a rep from Burton about him and before he knew Redmond was a Burton rider.


In this exclusive interview Redmond talks to us about his recent time training with the US Team in Austria, his biggest successes to date and what it’s like growing up with six siblings. 



What it was like growing up in a family of seven children and when did you first become serious about snowboarding?


Growing up in a family of nine was and is great –  there was always someone to hang with and if I ever got out of line, there was always someone there to put me back in my place.


Redmond Gerard

Redmond, pictured with his father, has had support from his whole family including his six siblings.


Tell us about your first snowboarding competition and some of the successes you have gone on to have since then?

To be honest, I don’t really remember my first competition. The first competition I remember was USASA Nationals. My helmet fell off during the competition so I was disqualified, but I still had so much fun, my whole family was there to watch. Making the US Snowboard Team was definitely a highlight. I also received two second places in Rev Tours last season. 
Redmond Gerard

Clowning around! It’s no surprise Redmond is full of life and fun despite significant success on the slopes at such a young age.


What is it about snowboarding that really makes you tick and how often are you currently on the slopes?


Snowboarding with my friends is awesome! I also love the feeling of freedom that snowboarding gives me and the sensation of having the wind in my face. I am on the slopes every day.
Redmond Gerard

Redmond’s talent has been appreciated by his many sponsors including Red Bull.


Where in the world has the sport taken you and what have been some of the highlights? 

Snowboarding has taken me all over the world, from Switzerland to Austria to China to Australia. Some of the highlights have been seeing all the different cultures and how they compare to ours. Seeing all the different types of food served around the world is pretty cool too.
Redmond Gerard.

Snowboarding has taken Redmond to countries all around the world.


Who have been the most important people in helping you pursue your passion for the sport? 

Definitely my brothers, they inspired me to be as good as they were, they were also the ones who dragged me around with them and had me always riding with their friends, people who were better than me. One of my brothers friends, Colin Walters, kept taking me out on the hill even when my brother Malachi was hurt, he really helped me a lot because he gave me the confidence I needed that I could do the tricks. The US Snowboard Team has also helped me greatly.
Redmond Gerard

Redmond is getting ready for the upcoming season having just returned from Austria where he was training with the US Team.


Are you currently training for any competitions and what are your goals and ambitions for the next 12 months? 

I am getting ready for the upcoming season. I just got back from Austria where I was training with the US Team. I was also supposed to do a competition over there, two actually, the other was a Big Air in London. Unfortunately, both of these competitions were postponed. The competition in Austria is rescheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving. I decided not to go back because I would miss Thanksgiving with my family and I don’t need it to qualify for Worlds, which I will be attending in China in March. I may go back for the London Freeze Big Air, but it hasn’t been rescheduled yet. Besides Worlds in China and the London Freeze Big Air, this year I will be competing in the Dew Tour, the Rev Tours and a Big Air at Fenway Park in Boston. I may go to Austria in April for a completely different competition too.

You have achieved a lot at such a young age, what would your message be to those inspired by your success?

Whatever sport you choose to go after, make sure you have passion for it!

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