Zolkan 4 Days: The final chapter

WHAT DOES it take to run 110km from the Andes to the sea?



Zolkan 4 Days

Zolkan 4 Days winner Moises Jimenez exhausted but jubilant as he emerges from the finish line.


EARLIER this month we reported live each day from Chile at the inaugural Zolkan 4 Days stage race. (Check out out race preview here for an overview.)


Now the dust has settled, the legs recovered and the medals hung up we caught up with our journalist Matt Maynard, who came sixth overall, for some closing thoughts.


Matt Maynard Zolkan 4 Days

Matt Maynard’s extensive coverage throughout the event was made even more impressive by the fact he competed in each day of the race and came sixth overall.


“Zolkan 4 Days was so much more than a running race. At the very outset the race director, Rodrigo Errazuriz, told all us runners that this was not a competition we were entering. Instead, it was an opportunity to enjoy the running community we were gathered together in, and spend an unforgettable time together in the mountains. The race more than met Errazuriz’s expectations with the incredible scenery, food, friendship and outdoor experience shared.


Zolkan 4 Days

An example of the incredible scenery race director Rodrigo Errazuriz spoke about. 



“At the start line, on the very last day, the Chilean athlete Francisco Pino (a featured athlete in our coverage, and fifth place overall) took the microphone and shared a poem he had composed for the occasion. The sentiments he expressed encapsulate the vibe of the race and the character of its runner. I’ll leave you with his words.”


Run in the Mountains

Run in the mountains and
Feel it’s vibrating energy.
The peace of nature flows through you
Like the rays of sun through the trees.
The wind gives you its freshness
The storm gives you its energy
And your fear falls like the leaves of autumn.
Run peacefully in your direction
And know the freedom of the runner

by Francisco Pino

Zolkan 4 Days

Francisco Pino flowing through the trees of the coastal mountain on Day 3.


Matt Maynard is an outdoor and travel journalist based in Santiago, Chile… He also likes to run. You can read more of his adventures and work at matt-maynard.com, and keep in touch on Twitter @GreenBeanTrails


Special thanks:


The Zolkan 4 Days reports would not have been possible without the beautiful photography provided by kirsten.m.kortebein (follow her at Instagram) and Matias Pinto (www.matiaspinto.cl).


Limtiless Pursuits would also like to thank race organisers Rodrigo Errazuriz and Matias Bull for their support and “buena onda” throughout the race!

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