Zolkan 4 Days: The Chilean ultramarathon finally reaches the Pacific Ocean

A review of the final day's action.



La Canela to Maitencillo. 18km 


Route map for day 4
Zolkan 4 Days
FOUR days ago, 40 runners took a ski lift high into the Andes. They began just below the snowline, breathing slow laboured breaths in the thin Andean air. Across mountain ranges, rivers and fertile Chilean wine valleys they ran by day, and at night camped under the stars with much laughter, good food and drinking. Today, with much less skin on their feet and many   new experiences in mind, they finally reached their objective – landing on the sweltering shores of Maitencillo.
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Zolkan 4 Days

Chilean ultrarunners Moises and Vero meet under their country’s flag and are crowned the champions of Zolkan 4 Days 2016.

Today’s race was a downhill charge to the sea. Our races leaders mantained their positions.
The last ultrarunners, however, were celebrated in this inclusive race as much as the first. The runners, awaiting their luxurious buffet and craft ale beer, stepped out onto the beach a final time to welcome their new friends home.
Zolkan 4 Days

The last runners coming through the tunnel.

Zolkan 4 Days

The effects of four days of running across mountain terrains.

You can review the final race results at the end of day 4 here.
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Matt Maynard is a writer, ultra runner and environmentalist. He lives and works in Santiago, Chile after arriving there by bicycle. @GreenBeanTrails www.matt-maynard.com


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