Lorraine Pascoe: the super-mum taking her kids on a 137-mile kayak challenge

WE TALK to Lorraine Pascoe about what inspired her to set herself the challenge to kayak 137 miles from London to Birmingham and how she managed to get her two children hyped up for the adventure too.


Lorraine Pascoe pictured with her two children Millie-Lou and Jack.

WHEN LORRAINE PASCOE set herself the challenge to kayak 137 miles from London to Birmingham it didn’t take much to rope her two kids in on the adventure too. The three are currently training for the challenge which will begin on May 5 this year.


We talked to Lorraine about what inspired her to take on the kayak challenge which will take five days to complete and what she’s looking forward to most about the unique family experience. Find out about the charity the three are raising money for and what Lorraine could have planned for the gang next.


You can find out more and donate at www.lifeisforlivinglorraine.com and get behind the trio on Twitter @Lor_Pascoe on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lorpascoe/ and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lorraine_pascoe/. 


What inspired you to set yourself the challenge to kayak 137 miles, from London to Birmingham, and how did you manage to persuade your two children to take on the challenge with you?


My dad inspired me to attempt this. I returned home from Africa after reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro


He was really ill and I thought I was going to lose him he said to me: “LIFE IS FOR LIVING LORRAINE ( my website name), so get out there and LIVE IT! you never know what possibilities are out there in the world waiting for you to discover through adventures and challenges.”


So, I thought I’ve just climbed my first mountain having no previous experience of hiking – now got a massive mountain crush – which helped me deal with my depression at that time, so why not this next challenge?00


I love being on water but I’ve only ever been in a kayak for about ten minutes and the canal is 137 miles and I’m taking my two children along for the ride – it’s going to be interesting!


Is it possible? Let’s do it and find out ! Life is for living! That’s my motto.


When I told Millie-Lou and Jack that we were taking on this endurance, kayaking adventure the first thing they said to me was: “What sweets can we take and can we have ice cream along the way please?”


So I never really had to ask them twice.


Lorraine has no experience of kayaking but is ready to take on the huge challenge she’s set herself and her family.

How much kayaking experience have you had and how hard are you training in preparation for the challenge?


The children have sat in a kayak for about five mins and I’ve had about ten minutes and now we plan to sit in them for about eight hours a day over seven days. Hmmmmm.


We’re focusing on arm strength, pull-ups, push-ups and running/biking to keep up with the cardio. Just doing a little bit more each week is building us up slowly bit by bit.


I’ve also got a few kayaking training sessions planed for us .


Lorraine has a plan for how the three will take on the 137-mile kayak but some aspects of the adventure will be left till they first set off on the challenge.

How do you feel about your son taking on the challenge in his own kayak and what routine do you and your daughter have for the kayak you will be in together?


So I’ve got a mixed feelings about Jack kayaking on his own . Ninety per cent of me is saying to myself  “What in the name are you thinking about letting your boy kayak 137 miles”. The other 10 per cent of me is saying “Go on son your going smash this”.


The only plan I’ve got for Millie and me is I’ll paddle and she can join in when she feels like it and if she’s wants to paddle on her own she can. I’m leaving it up to her.


What are your biggest fears about the challenge and what are you most looking forward to?


My biggest fear is not to try and do this . So by doing this adventure with the children is so exciting. I can’t wait to get out there with them .


If we make it to the end it would be such an amazing accomplishment to see the greatness that will bring out in them and if for some reason we don’t make it to the other end at least we tried.


I’m so looking forward to the children being connected to nature and connecting and meeting with new friends along the way. Inspiring others to get out and live life to the fullest .


What provisions are you taking with you and will you have support along the way? 


We will be taking all camping kit/clothes food ( sweets/chocolate ) etc.


We’re going solo so the support we will have along the way will be all the awesome public we meet as we are on the water, we’re really looking forward to meeting new friends along the way.


How will our readers be able to follow your progress once you set off?


Everyone will be able to follow us on the Zero six Zero maps once it is all set up.


What are you most looking forward to and least looking forward to about the camping you will have to do along the way?


I’m hoping the children will get enough sleep when we put our heads down for the night .


Really looking for forward the simplicity of camp life . All nice and cosy tucked up in our sleeping bags after a nice warm soup cooked on the stove with toasted marshmallows . Listing to the water bird singing… oh I can’t wait .


Tell us about why you chose the charity Right To Play UK to raise money for and how can our readers get behind you and support the cause?


Few years ago I was dealing with depression and I only started on the road to recovery when i started to get outside more and move my body. I know that though play and moving our bodies we can keep us all mentally and physical fit and helps learn other life skills though play.


Right to Play works with one million children every week. Through their programmes, children and young people get a quality education, stay healthy and build peaceful communities


You can donate here https://t.co/bh4iLM5Kg7.


Has this challenge sparked ideas for more adventures in your mind and if so what challenges do you have in the pipeline for the future?


Hummm defo plans for long roads and mountains but there’s endless adventure possibilities….







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