Boom time for Burma? Michael and Pinky’s adventures in Myanmar

WE ARE DELIGHTED to introduce you to Michael Desrosiers and Pinky Kwanthida Sirirattanapong from Square Umbrella, a vlog looking at the culture and traditions in South East Asia.




Travel in South East Asia

Michael Desrosiers and Pinky Kwanthida Sirirattanapong at a memorial service for Remembrance Day at the British Embassy in Bangkok in 2015.


MICHAEL DESROSIERS is an American living and working as a school teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. Together with partner Pinky Kwanthida Sirirattanapong he has set up a vlog, Square Umbrella, chronicling his life as an expat and the pair’s travel experiences in neighbouring countries.


We’re happy to announce a series of features with the pair in the not-too-distant future but thought we’d introduce you to their videos and in particular their trip to Burma, which is just starting to welcome and open up to tourists, in the video below.


To find out more about Michael and Pinky and to follow their vlogs and blogs visit their Facebook page here







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