The career and life of Ironman Australia winner Bec Hoschke

WE TALK to Bec Hoschke about what inspired her to enter her first triathlon and how it led to her to reach the height of the sport in her home country of Australia.

Australian marathon

Bec Hoschke caught the triathlon bug when training for a marathon in 2004.

WHILE training for the Sydney Marathon in 2004 Bec Hoschke was introduced to the Warringah Triathlon Club. She took to the sport instantly and soon became fascinated with Ironman races.


In 2005 she competed in her first long-distance triathlon which qualified her for Ironman Australia the following after.  She hasn’t looked back and has gone on to rack up some incredible finishes at events up and down Australia. She’s competed in places as far off as Switzerland and the US and reached the height of the sport when she won Ironman Australia in 2013. Here she talks about her remarkable career as well as her work and dedication to her triathlon and multisport coaching business Racingheart (www.racingheart.com.au).


When did you start out in triathlon and who encouraged you to give the sport a go?


I found my way into triathlon via a marathon goal (Sydney Marathon 2004). I was 26 at the time, had no idea how to carry out a structured training programme and thought I better get a running coach to help me. Barry Golding Running Academy Manly, changed my life. I met a fantastic community of like-minded people and was introduced to Warringah Triathlon Club.


I was fascinated with the Ironman and it was only a matter of time before I signed up for my first long course triathlon, Forster Half Ironman 2005. This event was a qualifier to the next step of living the dream of ‘You are an Ironman’, at Ironman Australia 2006.


My local running and triathlon friends on the Northern Beaches of Sydney were my biggest source of encouragement. I also drew inspiration from Australian heroes including Mel Ashton, Belinda Granger, Crowie, Macca, Pete Jacobs as well as Chrissie Wellington, who often raced Ironman Australia as part of her season schedule.


What were some of your earliest triathlon successes?


2011/2012 race season was a breakthrough & turning point, progressing from amateur to professional racing. Some of my earliest triathlon successes included:


5th overall female at Ironman Australia 2011 (1st F30-34, 1st amateur female)


1st Challenge Cairns Half Ironman Female Professional Champion 2011


1st Huskisson Long Course Female Professional Champion, 2012


5th Female Professional Mandurah 70.3, 2012 (Australian Professional Championships)


5th Female Professional Ironman Cairns, 2012


3rd Female Professional Ironman Western Australia, 2012



Bec has raced all over Australia as well as in Switzerland and the US.

At which discipline of triathlon do you excel at and at which do you have to work the hardest?


My strengths in triathlon are bike/run. Growing up on a property offered plenty of cross country conditioning helping my parents on the farm. I wasn’t too bad at athletics during high school and enjoyed running recreationally to keep fit during uni studies and establishing a town planning career in Sydney. I grew up with horses (not bikes). I bought my first road bike in 2005 ($400 second hand Giant TCR from the Trading Post), cycling came very naturally to me.


Swimming on the other hand was a whole different story. My first squad experience was as an adult and I can’t say I ever really fell in love with it. Swimming probably challenged my confidence and attitude more than anything. Most of the time I’d just get the volume done and move on to the next session.



Bec feels she is strongest in the bike and run disciplines of the sport.

Where in the world has the sport taken you and what have been some of the highlights?


Travelling around Australia and internationally with the sport combined with the network of friends I have made through racing, has without doubt been a massive highlight. International races include Challenge Roth, Ironman Switzerland, World Ironman Championships Kona, World 70.3 Championships Los Vegas and events Asia-Pacific.


What do you see as your biggest triathlon triumphs?


Winning Ironman Australia 2013 followed by qualification and racing at the Ironman World Championships 2013 (18th female professional, 9.35). All whist still working part time as an Executive Town Planner in Sydney. Challenge Forster Female Champion 2013 was also a special achievement during that year. At the age of 36, these achievements were the catalyst to making the daunting decision to have a crack as a full time professional triathlete whilst the window of opportunity was present. 2014 followed with a successful season of 70.3 racing and multiple podium results. I’ve always been a racer who goes hard from the gun and this distance suited me well.


There’s an African proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Fast can be fun for a while, however going far simply can’t be done without people to support you. You can do a lot by yourself but you can achieve a great dream with a great team behind you.


I am forever grateful to my A-Team who were instrumental to my development and performance as a Professional Triathlete. Grant Giles/ Aeromax Coaching – a 10-year relationship which grew me from first steps as an age grouper to an Ironman Champion; Kira Sutherland, Daryl Philips, Mick Smith, Paul Penna, John Bell, family & friends and my husband Nigel. Also to my team of sponsors who made it possible for me to train and compete at the highest level.



Bec is currently taking a break from the sport to enjoy family life but admits the triathlon world hasn’t seen the last of her yet.

How hard are you currently training and what races and events do you have coming up in the near future?


My last professional race was Korea 70.3 in October 2014. I then decided to take a break to pursue another life ambition and have a family. I haven’t been back on a structured training program since.


I am still involved in the sport through my triathlon and multisport coaching business Racingheart www.racingheart.com.au. Its incredibly for-filling to be able to give back, share knowledge and experience with others who are also passionate in endurance sports and be a small part in the dreams and journey of others likeminded.


Jackson is now 13 months and I’m 40! I enjoy exercise mostly via running with the pram and simply being fit for life. I’m a hell of a long way off the level of fitness I use to have whilst racing professionally. However, that was a chapter in my life I’ve now moved forward from. Today, I love being a Mum, family is priority, I’m an entrepreneur running two businesses (coaching and town planning consulting). With Jackson now over 12 months, I’m looking forward to pursing some personal goals in sport again.


They say “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. I have a bucket list of events to keep me fit and entertained – the marathon majors, the six-foot track and possibly a few other trail running adventures. Will I ever do another Ironman? Hell yeah! I have goals within that, but when the time and space feels right. I’m still driven to be the best I can be. It certainly is a lot of fun sharing this journey with Nigel as Jackson grows up.

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