Ben Kanute: chasing his triathlon dreams around the world

WE TALK to Ben Kanute about his biggest successes in triathlon and his goals and ambitions for the future.

Ben Kanute

Ben Kanute has been competing in triathlons for as long as he can remember and has seen the sport take him all over the world.


BEN KANUTE had a sporty upbringing and was inspired to give triathlon ago after watching his father race in one. He started competing in triathlons at school and soon found success as well as a place he would learn the discipline and courage needed for life in general.


Ben has gone on to compete in races around the world with successes including placing 20th at WTS Chicago Grand Final and winning the Clermont CAMTRI Cup.


In this exclusive interview Ben took the time to talk to us about his upbringing, devotion to racing and his ambition to compete in the Olympics this year. His passion for the sport and determination to be the best he possibly can be are sure to provide food for thought for anyone with an interest in triathlon and sport in general.

To find out more about Ben and to follow his blog visit www.benkanute.com.  



When did you first get a passion for triathlon and had you previously been involved in any other sports?


I have been involved in sports my entire life. I played soccer and baseball, but also started swimming when I was seven. My dad first introduced me to triathlon. I remember watching him do his first one at a very young age. When I was eight, there was a local kids triathlon held at the health and wellness centre, and soon after that I joined a kid’s triathlon team. That helped introduce me to the sport, and eventually led me to the competitive draft legal style of racing.


What was it like competing in triathlons from such a young age and how hard was it to focus on the sport while also having to study?


I loved it! Some of my best friends were on the triathlon team I competed for. We did everything from training, school, travelling, and racing together. It was basically an extension of my family. Triathlon was like my play time. I loved doing it. I had to sacrifice certain things, and I had to learn how to manage my time, but I would not have done it any other way. My parents always pushed me to be my best in sport, but also in school. This meant that I had to do well in school if I wanted to do anything else. Plus, it fuelled my competitive side. I viewed school a lot like racing, and I wanted to try to be the best at it.


Ben Kanute

Ben reaches the finish line of the ITU American Cup.


What have been your biggest triathlon successes and where in the world has the sport taken you?


A couple of my most recent successes are placing 20th at WTS Chicago Grand Final (that also counted as the Elite National Championship and I won that), and winning the Clermont CAMTRI Cup. Triathlon has been very good to me. I have gotten to travel to numerous different countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and China. I have also been all over Europe. The type of racing I compete in has races on basically all of the continents, and I am on the road a good portion of the year.


Which events or competitions are you currently training for and how hard are you having to work?


My main goal for the season is to qualify for the Olympic Games. The last qualifying race is on May 14, and my entire season is based around this. I am giving it everything I have. It is my dream to race in the Olympics, and I am making sure I do everything within my power to make it happen.


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In which area of triathlon do you excel at and where do you have to work the hardest?


I would say that my swim and bike are slightly stronger than my run. My main focus would be improving the run, but I have definitely taken time to improve my swim and bike this past off season.


What would your words of advice be to anyone thinking of giving triathlon a go and who is inspired by your own success and passion for the sport?


Always remember to enjoy the process and sport. It is easy to get lost in all of the gear, results, and analyzing of data, but just remember why you choose to traithlon.

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