Tomas Ceppi: a mountain guide’s prerogative

WE TALK to Tomas Ceppi about his work as a mountain guide in Argentina and the formation of 'Tomas Ceppi Expeditions'.


Tomas Ceppi is a mountain guide who has dedicated his to expeditions and adventure.


TOMAS CEPPI is an Argentinian mountain guide who lives on the outskirts on Buenos Aries. Having been passionate about spending time in the mountains since a child it is no surprise that he has gone on to form a career out of his obsession with trekking and climbing.

In this interview Tomas talks to us about some of his career highlights to date including some of his most special and thrilling expeditions. Read on to find out more about the company he has set up, Tomas Ceppi Expeditions, the services of which you can learn more about at www.tomasceppiexpeditions.com.


When did you first realise you had a passion for the outdoors and who encouraged or nurtured this interest?

At the age of five my parents took me to the Cerro Lopez, a 2.000-meter peak in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. Since then, every year we spent some time in the mountains, either skiing in winter season or doing some treks in summer time. My uncle also joined our trips so I have very nice memories of my childhood in the mountains with my family.


Where did you grow up and what opportunities did it give you to get out and explore?


I was born in Choele Choel, a small town in Rio Negro (Patagonia, Argentina) and grew up in a farm so I spent all day with my brother outside, exploring every river and place that we had nearby.


Tomas Ceppi

One of Tomas’ greatest achievements has been to summit Mount Aconcagua (6.962 meters), the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, guiding Colton Carlson, a double leg amputee US Marine.


Where are you based now and what is some of the work you are doing?


Actually, I live on the outskirts of Buenos Aires but as I work all the year as a mountain guide I usually travel a lot. I have my own mountaineering company and organise different kind of activities such us trekking, climbing, backcountry skiing and mountain expeditions all over the world. I´m also part of the staff of certified guides of Mountain Professionals, with whom last month I was guiding in Antartica, two expeditions on Mount Vinson, an awesome place and experience.


When I´m home I enjoy spending time with my wife, I do some training, indoor climbing, and I work on planning my next expeditions.


What have been some of your biggest achievements in your career to date?


As a mountaineer, one of my biggest achievements was to summit Mount Lhotse (8.516 meters), the fourth highest peak in the world, without using supplemental oxygen. This was not only because of the ascents itself but because it happened one year after I had to go through a thyroid cancer surgery and treatment.


Talking about my professional career, although I consider that every summit with a client is a great achievement, a special experience was to get to the top of Mount Aconcagua (6.962 meters), the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, guiding Colton Carlson, a double leg amputee US Marine, after 20 hours of a long and hard summit day. This was a big sport challenge and also an incredible inspiring message that he shared with all of us.


Tomas Ceppi

Tomas’ passion for leading expeditions saw him found Tomas Ceppi Expeditions in 2007.


Tell us about the idea behind Tomas Ceppi Expeditions and what people can expect from the services you offer?


Tomas Ceppi Expeditions is a mountaineering company, founded in 2007, integrated by a professional team of recognised national and international certified mountain guides, lovers of adventure and nature.


We specialise in mountaineering expeditions, adventure tourism programmes and team building experiences, combining sports, fun and teamwork within a framework of impressive natural sceneries.


Our line up of trips is designed according to the specific goals and skills of our clients and leaded by an experienced team of professionals that provide a high standard of safety, quality service, and personal attention during all your experience.


Tomas Ceppi

This year will see Tomas organise expeditions to Kilimanjaro (Africa), Bolivia and Baruntse (Nepal).


What other interests or sporting passions do you have?


Besides climbing and skiing and played rugby for many years until I became a mountain guide, and I also practice soccer and water skiing.


Do you have any exciting expeditions or projects planned for 2016 and beyond?


For this year, I am organising expeditions to Kilimanjaro (Africa), Bolivia, Baruntse (Nepal) and off course funny trips and ski tours in Argentina and Chile.


On next September, I am planning with a friend an expedition to the Northern Icefield Camp (Patagonia) to climb some peaks of the area.


And also one of my personal challenge is to reach the Three Poles (Everest, South Pole and North Pole), without external support during the expeditions, so I´m on the search of sponsors to support the trips.


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