Dougie Lampkin: the 12 times motorcycle trials world champion

WE TALK to 12 times motorcycle trials world champion Dougie Lampkin about his glorious career and his current projects in the sport.



Dougie Lampkin

Dougie Lampkin is a 12 times motorcycle trials world champion. photo Red Bull


DOUGIE LAMPKIN was bought a motorbike before he was born and with a father who was the first ever motorcycle trials world champion it’s no surprise he also took to the sport.


However, Dougie, who was born in West Yorkshire in the UK, has gone on to far surpass any expectations that could have been bestowed on him. He has gone on to become world champion in the sport an incredible 12 times and has been awarded an MBE for his achievements.


In this exclusive interview Dougie talks to us about what it feels like to have reached the top of the sport as well as some of the other achievements which mean the most to him. Read on to find out what he’s been up to in the last year and hear more about his role as team manager for Vertigo.


Dougie Lampkin

Dougie was awarded an MBE in 2001 for all he has given to the sport. photo Red Bull


What’s your first memory of being on a motorbike and were you a natural from the very start?


I had a motorbike before I was born as when my mother Isobel announced she was pregnant the manufacturer Bultaco that my father rode for at that time presented her with it.


As for riding I started when I was three and my first major memory was hitting my father’s new Range Rover!


Dougie Lampkin

Dougie celebrates another win. photo Red Bull


What were some of your earliest successes and when did it become clear you had a big future ahead of you?


My schoolboy career was not the most successful, but as I turned seventeen in 1993 my father took me to the first round of the European Championship in Belgium to see how where  my level was. O finished sixth so we did the rest of the championship and I became European champion. I signed my first factory contract later that year and we were on our way…


Dougie Lampkin

Dougie pictured in his birthplace – the county of Yorkshire. photo Red Bull


Who were any role models you looked up to at the beginning or mentors you had? Would you have been where you were today if it hadn’t been for some of these people?


My father Martin was the first ever World Champion in 1975 so he had so much experience to pass on to me – I’m convinced that this help made a big difference in my progression through to becoming World Champion.


Dougie Lampkin

There were high expectations for Dougie as a rider but he has gone on to surprise many with how far he has gone in the sport. photo Red Bull


How does it feel to be the holder of 12 world titles and which of those have given you the sweetest memories along the way?


As long as I can remember I wanted to be World Champion so to achieve this at 21 was a dream come true.


My goals then just kept getting higher and I wanted more and championships. The best one is always the first World Championship. I was awarded the MBE in 2000 for services to motorcycling, I think this alongside the Championships is one of my greatest achievements .


Dougie Lampkin

Dougie is married to wife, Nicola, and they have two sons, Alfie and Fraiser. photo Red Bull


Tell us about the team you’re currently on and some of the action you’ll be involved in this year?


I’m now team manager for Vertigo which is a new brand from Spain. I’ve known the owner for many years. I also do the development work for the brand. I still ride a lot doing the classic trials like the Scottish Six Days Trial and many projects with Redbull who I’ve been with since 2000.


Dougie Lampkin

Doubgie is currently the team manager for Vertigo. photo Red Bull


What will you do after your time in trials do you have any other exciting projects in the pipeline for the future?


Here is a link to the last one we did https://www.redbull.tv/film/AP-1PD1ZQQB91W11/dougie-lampkin-wheelie-man


I’m always thinking of new locations and interesting projects, we have a couple coming later this year so watch this space!

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