The sisters representing Team GB in gymnastics around the world

WE CATCH up with gymnastic stars the Downie sisters and talk everything from the Olympics to how they started out in the sport.

Downie sisters

Becky Downie started out in gymnastics when she was at school and it inspired her younger sister Ellie to take up the sport.

BECKY and Ellie Downie are sisters from Nottingham who represent the UK in gymnastics around the world.


They have achieved much in the sport already including competing at the Olympics in Rio last year. However, there is much more they want to conquer in the months and years ahead, not only for themselves but also to promote the sport on the global stage.


Here they talk about there greatest triumphs in gymnastics to date and where they draw their inspirations from.


Find out all about their experiences of RIo in 2016 and visit www.doubledownies.com to follow their journeys on a monthly basis.


When did you start out in gymnastics and who encouraged you to give the sport a go?


Becky Downie: I started gymnastics through a friend at school just because it looked fun.


Ellie Downie: I started gymnastics when I was three or four in preschool classes and mainly because Becky was involved in the sport before me. 


When did get into artistic gymnastics and at what stage was it you realised you had a real talent for the sport?


BD: I started when I was seven years old and became Elite around nine years old. 


ED: I seemed to be  quite good from the start, probably thanks to Becky. I won my first British title when I was eight or nine at my Compulsory Level 4 and I think I just kept on pushing on from there.


What were some of your earliest successes in the sport?


BD: Winning my first British title aged 12 and winning my first major international medal aged 14 at the Commonwealth Games.


ED: I think I realised how good I could be at the Junior Europeans in 2014 where I won Team silver, Gold on Vault and Third in the All-Around. 


Downie sisters

Ellie pictured at the Notts Gymnastics Academy.

Who were your biggest supporters and mentors at the beginning?


BD: My parents and family have always been my biggest support system. 


ED: My parents, family and coaches are my biggest supporters.


Tell us about your achievements at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics and the 2016 Olympics?


BD: The 2016 Olympics were very mixed for me. We did a great job as a team finishing with the highest Olympic team finish to date for GB but we went to Rio striving for a team medal and personally for myself it was very disappointing to miss out on the bars final.


ED: At the youth Olympics I had one of my best competitions coming away with three bronze medals on Beam, Floor and AA and Silver on Vault.


However, my 2016 Olympics story a bit of a different story, my competition was not nearly my best but I was super happy to come away fifth as a team! 


What have been some of your other career highlights to date and where else in the world has gymnastics taken you?


BD: Winning my first European title and our first ever world team Bronze were huge moments in my career. I love the team events as it’s so special being able to share those moments with your teammates.


ED: I think my career highlights are my first European Title this year in the All-Around, making last year’s Olympic Team and World team Bronze Medal in 2015 and European Bronze AA in 2015! 


What is it about gymnastics that makes you keep pursuing more success in the sport?


BD: I’ve always loved what i do and feel i can still achieve a lot more.


ED: I think I just always want to improve on myself and always feel like I have more to give in the sport. 


Downie sisters

Although finishing fifth with team GB at Rio 2016 the sisters are intent on making up not quite yet fulfilling their Olympic games in the months and years ahead.

What are you currently training for and what competitions are you looking forward to competing at in the coming months and years?


BD: I’m currently recovering from my elbow injury and working toward the British championships and Commonwealth games 2018. They are the first big competition next year for me. 


ED: Next year we have s big year for competitions with the Commonwealth Games, Europeans and Worlds! So I’m currently rehabbing a injury and getting fit and ready for the big year ahead! 

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