Stef Jackson-Horner: the PE teacher representing Great Britain as an aquathlete

WE TALK to Steph Jackson-Horner about life as PE teacher, representing Great Britain as an aquathlete and her role as a #GetOutside champion.

Stef Jackson-Horner

Stef Jackson-Horner is a PE teacher who also competes in as an aquathlete at international level.


BY DAY Stef Jackson-Horner is a PE teacher but when not working with children she is competing as an athlete around the world. Stef has reached the top of her game as an aquathlete and has never finished any races she’s competed in lower than the top four positions.


In this exclusive interview Stef talks about some of her achievements in sport as well as her role as a #GetOutside champion.


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How long have you had a passion for the outdoors and sport and where do you think this stemmed from?


Always! I have always loved every sport and outdoor activity I’ve done. Growing up in the country and taking part in guides and accounts meant it go to try a lot of stuff.


Stef Jackson-Horner

Stef representing Great Britain.


When did you first decide you wanted to be a PE teacher and what is the message you try to instil in the children you work with?


I didn’t really know I wanted to teach until I ended up doing it. I always try and encourage the pupils to give their all to everything they do, give any opportunity a go and they never know what they will end up enjoying and what doors will be opened in the process.


When did you start competing as an Aquathlete and what have been some of your successes in competitions around the world? How has it felt to be representing Great Britain?


I got into triathlon after my dad entered a local race and I didn’t want to be outdone. I ended up coming second in that race and I realised with a bit of training I could do quite well. Representing GB in the British and European champs is a brilliant feeling and everyone cheers for you because they recognise the kit. It’s fantastic!


Stef is a #GetOutside champion who has represented Britain as an aquaathlete in the European Championships.

Stef is a #GetOutside champion who has represented Britain as an aquaathlete in the European Championships.


What does it mean to you to be a #GetOutside champion and what has some of the work in the role involved?


I love being a #getoutside champ, it’s great to be part of a unique project that has linked me with so many likeminded people all trying to promote their own love of the outdoors.


What exciting project or competitions do you have planned for the rest of the year and beyond?


My season has finished for 2016 and I was brilliant to finish on a high. My penultimate race I was placed third woman home and my final race 1st so it was a brilliant end to an exciting year. I’m looking forward to next year already, am in hard training already and preparing for next years championships.

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