Jamie Wheeler: the road to ten million metres

WE RECENTLY interviewed Jamie Wheeler on his commitment to race ten million metres for The Cure Parkinson's Trust and are delighted to announce that he will start sharing his progress with us through a blog.


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NOW I’M not a world-class athlete, I even have a bit of trouble thinking of myself as an athlete. I’m just me, and athletes are the other guys and girls smashing it but I guess if an athlete is someone who lives and breathes his or her chosen sport and strives to improve physically and mentally, then I’m one too.


I love my sport. It’s given me so much. It’s shown me a drive and dedication that I didn’t even think I had. It’s shown me a way to get in the best shape of my life (so far). 


Sure, over the last few years I’ve improved, got better, got stronger, but it was when I was given the opportunity to take on this massive challenge that I was shown a way to give back not only to the sport I love, but a way to make the lives of many thousands a little bit better, many of whom I’ve not met and most likely never will. I thought it was tough before, but since that turning point, I’ve realised just how much more work I have to do, how much better I need to be. It’s a strange feeling. In order to be able to do more for Parkinson’s sufferers I need to get more selfish with my own training, racing and ways to bring what I’m doing to as many people as possible.


I’m now incredibly lucky, to have management from Phill Robson at Sports Journey Companion who sees what I’m trying to do and understands what’s needed. But then it comes back to how I see myself. I’m just a guy working 40-plus hours a week in a low end job, shoe-horning training in the best I can. And here’s all these talented athletes, top golfers, drivers, sprinters, ironmen represnted by SJC and there’s me. 


But… Phil must have seen something worth representing – must have seen potential for more. I’m humbled by that, but also driven to live up to the faith all these people have in me, who I’ve come into contact with since this started.


I’ve got a long way to go. There’s plenty of downs but so many ups too. Yes, it’s a struggle to balance everything, frustrating to have so many things I need but can’t get, but there’s no way I’m turning back. That was never an option even from the first step. There’ll be plenty of tears, sweat and blood, but this is the way it’s going to be. And I love it.


To find out how you can donate to the cause and visit the Jamie Wheeler Just Giving page click here 

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