Quick-fire questions with kitesurfer Tanja Rosenkranz

TANJA ROSENKRANZ is the latest athlete to take a round of our quick-fire questions.


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TANJA ROSENKRANZ fulfilled a life ambition when she set up kitesurfing school Free Your Mind in Tarifa, Spain. She now runs the school with other members of her family while still competing in kitesurfing when she can. 


We were delighted when Tanja agreed to answer our quick-fire questions and are sure her students and fellow kitesurfing enthusiasts will delight in her set of candid answers.


To find out more about the opportunities at Free Your Mind visit www.kitesurf-tarifa-spain.com  


What do you love most about life in Tarifa?


The nature.


What is it about kitesurfing that makes you tick?


The pure feeling of nature.


If you could accomplish one thing in sport in the next ten years what would that be?


Kiting the best waves of the world.


What’s your favourite movie?




And actor?


Vin Diesel.


And musician/band?




Is there another sport or extreme sport you’d like to give a go if you had the opportunity?


Big wave kiting.


Where’s your favourite place to relax?


My yoga mat.


Do you have a tattoo?


I have ‘hope’ in Japanese on the inside of my wrist.


What’s your best characteristic?




And your most unappealing habit?


Being too German sometimes…


If you could order any three-course meal what would that meal be?


First jamon with melon , second crispy grilled eco salmon with quinoa and then chocolate mousse.


If you had to get stuck in an elevator with someone who would that person be?


Cora Lee.


What’s your most used curse word?




What are you most afraid of?


Not being able to have an independent life.


When are you happiest?


After I’ve kited a wave and done some nice turns.


What drives you to keep pushing for success?


The pleasure it brings.


What message would you most like those who visit Free Your Mind and are instructed by you to take home with them?


Enjoy your life and do what your heart says.




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