The hardest triathlon in the world…. are you brave enough to sign up?

WE TALK to Daniel Bercu, the founder of the Uberman Race in Los Angeles, which claims to be the hardest triathlon in the world.

Uberman race

The Uberman is one of the world’s most challenging ultra triathlons.

DANIEL BERCU, a former wrestler in Ohio, wanted to create one of the world’s most challenging ultra triathlons.


What he came up with will test the most proven athletes with a 556-mile course in Los Angeles which starts at the mists of Avalon and finishes at the snows of Mount Whitney.


Read on to find out more about this race which is only fit for the sport’s toughest competitors and learn what inspired Daniel to form the event.


To enter the Uberman Race or just to learn more visit www.uberman1.com.


When did you come up with the idea for the Uberman race and what gave you the inspiration to form it?


For my 50th birthday I Googled ‘the hardest race in the world’ and the Badwater race in Death Valley topped the list. With no prior running experience I trained for ten weeks then ran the course solo and unsupported in February 2015. I ran 26 miles per day for five days.


What makes this race the most challenging ultra triathlon in the world?


Uberman is the longest ultra triathlon (556 miles) with the greatest vertical gain ( 33,000 feet). The course includes two of the hardest and most iconic stages in their respective sports. Swim is Catalina Channel, which is one of the seven get swims of the world’s oceans. Badwater, the run, is considered the toughest footrace on earth.



The race is the world’s longest triathlon providing the sport’s greatest vertical gain.

Could you tell us about your own sporting and triathlon background?


I was a wrestler in Ohio and participate in crossfit and off road endurance races.



As well as being a tough endurance test there are also some species of animals racegoers need to avoid.

Have you competed in the race and if so hows did you finish?


I completed the course solo, and mostly unsupported ( except for swim), in three stages in 2015. It took me 14 days to finish.



The swim takes place from Catalina Island to Palos Verdes.

Who have been some of the biggest successes in the race’s history?


Besides myself there is only one other human who has completed the course. His name is Giorgio Alessi. He is from Sicily. His winning time last year was eight days start to finish.


Who is the race open to and how can our readers enter this year’s or future years’ races?


The race is open to any and all comers. There are no pre-qualifying lotteries and no fees. The challenge is for anyone and everyone.



This year’s race takes place on October 10.

Do you have any exciting plans for the race in the years ahead and what other sporting projects are you involved in?


This year’s race ( October 10) will have several world class athletes and will grow slowly and organically over time.


We also host a race called Trail To Table in Malibu, CA.

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