Yvette Grice: living with the triathlon bug

WE TALK to Yvette Grice about what it is about triathlon that makes her tick.

Yvette Grice

Yvette Grice has been competing in triathlon since 2004.


YVETTE GRICE had always been a sporty person but it wasn’t until she was at university that she entered her first triathlon. She hasn’t looked back and has since competed in Ironmans and trains with Glenn Cook and Bodyworks XTC in Eastbourne.


In this exclusive interview Yvette talked to us about her biggest successes in the sport as well as who have been her biggest mentors and role models along the way.


To find out more about Yvette visit www.yvettegrice.co.uk.


When did you first get into triathlon and had you always been a sporty person?


I swam when I was young and did a lot of other sports such as Lacrosse, ballet, horse riding, etc. I have always loved being outside exercising. I swam at university and did a bit of running but nothing too serious. I entered my first triathlon when I was in my first job after university as a bit of a laugh with another colleague. I really enjoyed it even though I did it on my Dad’s old racing bike which only had three gears and was way too big. It was then that I got hooked on it. I competed at the Olympic distance to start with and returned back to Eastbourne to train more seriously with Glenn Cook and Bodyworks XTC. I then took up the distance to Ironman and have loved it ever since.


Yvette Grice

Yvette trains Glenn Cook and Bodyworks XTC


Who have been your biggest mentors and role models in the sport?


Glenn Cook at Bodyworks has coached me since 2005 and I have taken a lot of advice over the years from him, his wife Sarah and Stuart who is also involved in the club and is my boss at work! Both Glenn and Sarah competed at the top level of triathlon so know the dedication and hard work it takes to reach these levels. They now pass on all their knowledge as coaches.


What have been your biggest triathlon successes?


IMUK Champion in 2010, First Challenge Henley 2011.


Yvette Grice

To find out more about Yvette visit www.yvettegrice.co.uk.


When did you compete in your first Ironman and what was the experience like?


2007 IMUK – Glenn suggested I try an Ironman and at first I thought no way, it is such a long way how am I going to do it! However I really enjoyed the training for the event and it was a great experience on the day. I did okay but had no idea of nutrition. I finished seventh in the end after fading badly, I barely remember the last two miles of the race and ended up in the medical tent. Rule number one – nutrition is vital and you can’t get around on just air!


Even though it was really hard and I could barely get out of bed the next day, I couldn’t wait to sign up for another one.


In which do discipline of triathlon do you excel and where do you have to work the hardest?


Swimming and running are my best disciplines and I have to work hardest on my cycling. This isn’t ideal as the cycle is the longest element but I am working hard to hold my own on this discipline and not let people go by only to try to chase them down again later on.


What are you currently training for and how hard are your working?


I am training hard at the moment (around 30 hours a week) for my first race which took place in Lisbon which is a half Ironman distance. After that I will be competing my first Ironman distance at Challenge Venice on June 5. It will be good to get racing again and see where I am at.

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