The ten-year triathlon journey of world champion Nathan Miller

WE TALK to Nathan Miller about his experience of triathlon competition over the last ten years.

Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller has been competing in triathlons for ten years.

NATHAN MILLER was inspired to take up triathlon after reading a magazine article on the sport. He has since gone on to compete as a triathlete for ten years and among other impressive titles has gained world champion status in that time.


Read on to find out the passion, grit and tears which have gone into Nathan’s career as a professional triathlete and learn how tragedy became the inspiration for him embarking on the role as a coach.


When did you first get into triathlon and who or what inspired you to take up the sport?


I started triathlon ten years ago. I read a magazine on Hawaii, bought a bike a few weeks later and the rest is history! I have always loved pushing myself physically but this was the first individual sport I had really ever competed in.


Nathan Miller

Nathan was crowned sprint world champion in the 25-29 category in 2012.

What were some of the earliest triathlon successes you had?


I was selected in the Australian Age Group Team in 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2012 I was crowned sprint world champion in the 25-29 category and I turned to professional racing in 2016.


At which discipline of the sport do you excel at and at which do you have to work the hardest?


Bike would be my strongest and came naturally first. Swimming has definitely taken the most time to improve but I believe for the amount of work you put in you get back the smallest gains, Like they say though, you can’t win the race in the swim but you sure can loose it.


Where in the country and the world has the sport taken you and what have been some of the highlights?


I think I have travelled to most states in Australia to compete. Internationally it has taken me to New Zealand a few times and to Europe most years. My location highlight would be spending a month in the French Alps riding some of the most famous Cols in the world.


Nathan Miller

As well as competing all across Australia and New Zealand, triathlon has also taken Nathan to many countries in Europe.

Tell us about your website www.projectrainingm.com and what our readers can expect from it?


The Project M website features race reports from both myself and from the athletes that I coach. I like my athletes to write these in their own time so they can reflect on their race and share both positive and negative experiences.


What inspired you to start coaching and what message do you try to instil on those who choose to work with you?


In 2011 my coach at the time was sadly involved in a serious bike accident. I took the initiative and tried to keep the team together, my coaching evolved from there. I am a big believer in the culture which the group had already built from the ground up.


Nathan Miller

Tragedy became Nathan’s inspiration for taking up coaching.

“My coaching philosophy is: “It has to be personalised to the athlete”. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ for a program and the athlete always comes first. It’s their personal goals, their family, their work; it’s very specific to them. I’m also a big fan of balance.”


How hard are you currently training and what races and events do you have coming up in the months ahead?


I have just returned from racing in Europe and relocated to the south coast of New South Wales in Jervis Bay. My wife and I are expecting our first baby at end of year so training has taken a backward step at the moment. If all goes wel,l I’d like to do ‘Husky Long’, ‘Challenge Melbourne Half’, and ‘Ironman Frankfurt’. In 2018/2019 my main focus will be competing at the 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France. 

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