Quick-fire questions with triathlete Katerina Tanti

PASSIONATE triathlete and co-founder of racecheck.com answers a round of our 'quick-fire' questions.

Race Check

Katerina Tanti first started training for triathlons in 2002.


What is it about triathlon that makes you tick?


The variety provided by the three sports and the amount of willpower and strength of mind it takes to keep training and racing.


What has been your biggest triathlon achievement?


Coming 3rd in my age group in Ironman 70.3 Turkey and going on the podium in front of my children.


If you could accomplish one thing in the sport that you haven’t already what would that be?


I would like to win my AG in a major race and eventually complete a full Ironman.


turkey1 (1)

Coming third in her age group in Ironman 70.3 Turkey stands out as one of Katerina’s proudest sporting moments.


What’s your favourite movie?


The Big Blue.


And actor?


Edward Norton.


And musician/band?


Killswitch Engage.


What’s your biggest regret?


Being too afraid to follow my dreams at a younger age.



Katerina Tanti

Katerina at the finish line of Ironman 70.3 Turkey.


If you could have the opportunity to give another sport a go what would that sport be?


Ultra running


Where’s your favourite place to relax?


I love listening to the sound of the waves and the water so my favourite place to relax would be sitting on a beach.


Do you have or would you get a tattoo?


I don’t have a tattoo but I have considered it in the past… something symbolic of my two children.


What’s your best characteristic?


I always try to smile even through tough situations… and as smiling is contagious I try my best to inspire others.


And your most unappealing habit?


That would have to be chewing my finger nails.



If you could order any three-course meal what would that meal be?


I always choose dishes with truffle, nuts or fruits… for dessert it would have to be tiramisu.



If you had to get stuck in an elevator with someone who would that person be?


Brett Sutton.


What’s your most used curse word?


Unfortunately that would be fuck – no point in beating around the bush here (laughs).



Katerina is always well supported by her two children and husband.


What are you most afraid of?


Not being a good enough parent.


When are you happiest?


When I am running.


What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?


My hair catching fire at a bar.


What would you most like to achieve in the next five years?


Balance between work, training and my family.


Which sports person do you most aspire to?


I really admire Gwen Jorgensen. Her dedication and talent are unrivalled.

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