Pankaj Ravalu: the triathlete from India who caught the Ironman bug

WE TALK to Pankaj Ravalu about his triathlon and Ironman journey and his aims in the sports for the future.

Pankaj Ravalu

Pankaj Ravalu started competing in triathlons in 2015.

PANKAJ Ravalu started running in 2015 and his passion for competing in races led him to find the sport of triathlon and then Ironman races.


Read on the find out his successes in the sport to date, where in the world they have taken him and his sporting goals for the months and years ahead.


When did you start out in triathlon and who inspired you to give the sport a go?


I started running in 2015. The very first person who inspired me was a person from my own city who had become an Ironman. 


What were some of your earliest triathlon successes?

Ironman Malaysia 2015/2016, Ironman African championship, Ironman Asian Pacific championship.



Pankaj Ravalu

Out of the three disciplines of triathlon cycling comes most naturally to Pankaj.


Who have been your biggest mentors and supporters along the way?

My coach Deepakraj has stood besides me since the beginning.

In which discipline of triathlon do you have to work the hardest and which comes most naturally to you?

Running is the hardest and cycling comes most naturally.


Pankaj Ravalu

Pankaj feels the last 20km of an Ironman are the most important for a competitor.

What have been your biggest triathlon triumphs and where in the world has the sport taken you?

Triathlons have made me learn to keep going, stay focused and be patient. Life is a game where you have to keep running to progress.


Tell us about your experience of Ironman races?

Ironman triathlon is tough, I need to be in discipline in three sports. Most important of the race day last 20km are important run which either take you at podium or top ten.


Pankaj Ravalu

Pankaj pictured during Ironman Malaysia.

What’s the triathlon community like in India and what opportunities do you have there to compete?

Nowadays there are many people who are into traithlons but our country yet doesn’t have competitions for which we have to participate across the seas.


How hard are you currently training and which events and races do you have coming up in months ahead?

I am currently practicing for the next Ironman in Malaysia which is in November

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