On the triathlon circuit with Jen Kane: her triumphs and goals in the sport

WE TALK to Jen Kane about what inspired her to take up triathlon and some of the success she's had in the sport already.



Jen KaneJEN KANE chose a 70.3 for her first triathlon and hit the ground running. She’s since gone on to have three fantastic years in the sport and can’t wait until next year’s season begins.


Here she talks about her ambition to one day compete in a full Ironman as well as the other triathlon challenges she’s set herself for the months and years ahead.


When did you start out in triathlon?


I entered the tri world three years ago, having no idea I would not just be crossing my first triathlon finish line but starting a whole new lifestyle.


Tell us about the first triathlon you competed in?


My first triathlon was a 70.3, not typical I know. My husband had signed up for a full and I saw they offered a half. I was a long-distance runner so I had that down. Never swam or cycled though. Needless to say I spent several days a week in the pool and my husband worked with me on my stroke until I built up to a mile without stopping. Less then two months until the race I rode a bike clipped in for the first time… I fell, I got back up and rode and rode my heart out until race week. Race day came and after I crossed that finish line I immediately started looking for my next race. I did two more Olympic distances that season. I was hooked.



Jen’s first triathlon was a 70.3 and she’s continued to set herself big triathlon goals since then.

Tell us about some of your triathlon successes since then?


Going into season two… I was on a mission. I didn’t just want to do triathlon, I wanted to succeed in the sport. It quickly turned into my lifestyle.


Going into only my second season I landed a spot on the Betty Designs ambassador team (it’s been amazing) and I hit the podium three times and did a sub six-hour half Ironman. I made amazing friends within the tri community and I became even more passionate about the sport.


My third just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and it was another epic season. I’m looking forward to planning 2018 and setting some new goals.



Jen is excited about what she can achieve when the next triathlon season begins.

What triathlon goals do you have for the future?


My future goal is to do a full Ironman. It will happen when it’s time. For right now I continue to train and improve in every discipline of the sport.


Swimming I feel is the toughest.. I’m always looking to improve there. Running is my therapy and I just love it, but cycling I feel so badass and free and it’s slowly becoming my favorite discipline. The sport is truly magical and the tri community is simply amazing and just so refreshing to be around.

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