Noel Mulkey: starting out on the triathlon circuit

WE TALK to Noel Mulkey about how the decision to change his lifestyle led him to the sport of triathlon.

Noel Mulkey

Noel Mulkey has only recently started competing in triathlons but has found he has a real talent for the sport.

SHORTLY after graduating Noel Mulkey was having some difficulties in life so it was to sport he turned and in particular triathlon. He soon found he had a real talent for the pastime and was placed in his first two races.


Noel has combined his passion for photography with his talent for triathlon to document his sporting journey. Here he talks about some of his triathlon highlights to date and his aims and ambitions for the future.

When did you start out in triathlon and what inspired you to give the sport a go? 

So I started this sport a little over two years ago and immediately fell in love with it. In high school and the first few years after I graduated I had been having quite a few problems to say the least. Due to bad choices of mine, as well as some outside factors. I was very unhealthy, and actually had gained quite a bit of weight. My parents, and dad in particular had always been into endurance sports.
My mom actually won a half iron distance triathlon in the ’80s. They were kind of the catalysts in opening my eyes to this lifestyle of being an athlete, and triathlon in particular. It was so different than anything I had doing in recent years, and so I found such a passion for it early on because of how different, and how exciting it was to me. So I had a great foundation and a lot of knowledgeable people around me when I discovered this new positive outlet to put my energy towards. Turns out I wasn’t bad at it either, I was actually very good.  
Noel Mulkey

Noel is excited about the opportunity to travel that triathlon could bring his way.

What have been some of your biggest triathlon successes? 

Well I am only getting started in this sport, so I hope to see a lot more, and bigger successes in the near future. But a few moments that really stick out to me so far was when I podiumed in my first triathlon ever. I came in third that day having no fancy equipment and no experience at all, I was in a speedo and on a road bike.
Another success was actually this season just a few months ago. I had been injured all of March and that was a rough rough month for me, mentally primarily. Anyway my first race back from injury I won by four minutes.  That was a big deal for me and a great start to the season.  
Noel Mulkey

Noel podiumed in the first ever triathlon he competed in.

Where in the world has the sport taken you and what have been some of the highlights? 


This sport alone hasn’t really taken me anywhere yet. So far my travelling around the world hasn’t been associated with triathlon. I hope to combine the two eventually. I compete mainly in the South Midwest region races, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, etc. One of the reasons I’m so excited to get better at this sport IS because of the travel and places you get to see on the circuit. That is very exciting to me and something I’m looking forward to.


Tell us about your photography and how you’ve combined it with your passion for sport? 

I never ever thought I would consider myself a photographer. It hadn’t really interested me. Social media kind of made me into the photographer I am now. Meaning I wanted my pictures to stand out and be a bit different than a lot of what you normally see. I like clear, colourful and vibrant photos. It couldn’t of worked out better to be honest. I can document my own triathlon journey now through my photography, the people I meet and the places I go. It is a great skill to be proficient in and I absolutely love it now.  I always have a camera on me.
Noel Mulkey

Noel uses his talent and passion for photography to document his triathlon career.

Where can our readers find out more about what you do and see your work?

They can check out my website to see more info, race results, galleries, my photography, blogs, etc. It’s  noelmulkey.com. That is kind of my little digital home. They can also follow me on Instagram @noelmulkey12 and like my Facebook page @noelmulkeytriathlete
Noel Mulkey

Noel is looking forward to a travel blog trip to New York and Boston and then pushing on his triathlon career by entering some bigger and tougher races.

What projects do you have lined up for the rest of the year and beyond? 

I have one more race coming up this weekend before my mid season break. I will be headed up to New York City and Boston shortly after, for a photography / travel blog trip. That should be a couple of weeks.  When I get back its back to business because that’s when some of the bigger races I have planned for this season start to line up, and I hope to do really well in them. 

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