Meghan Mozi: the triathlete fundraising for victims of natural disasters

WE TALK to American triathlete Meghan Mozi about her phenomenal success in the sport as well as her passion to raise money for victims of natural disasters around the world.

Meghan Mozi

Meghan pictured with her family who have supported and encouraged her throughout her sporting career.

MEGHAN MOZI was obsessed with sport ever since she was a child so it’s no wonder she went on to to star at university in her then favoured sport of lacrosse. After her studies she found a new-born passion for marathon running and it was this that led her to triathlon, the sport which has become the major focus of her life and those around her.


Not only has Meghan racked up some extremely impressive results on the Ironman and triathlon circuits she has also raised thousands of pounds for the victims of natural disasters around the world. Her passion to empower women and help those in desperate need have spurred her on in her sporting endeavours and she continues to excel in all competitions she enters.

Here Meghan talks to us about some of the highlights of her sporting career to date and the reason behind her dedication to the charities she so passionately commits herself to.


When did you start out in triathlon and had you always been a sporty person?


I was always an active kid growing up; My go-to activities were roller skating and bike riding.  As I progressed into high school, I played field hockey and lacrosse.  That love of lacrosse followed me into college at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania where I was a four-year starter and All-American.  In 2012, I was honored to be inducted into the Bloomsburg Athletic Hall of Fame. 



Meghan Mozi

Meghan once again finds herself on the podium after another successful race.

After graduation from college, I took up running.  It began with local 5K events that I shared with my younger sister, Jen.  Eventually, I desired to go longer and faster within this new sport.  I ran my first marathon, The Philadelphia Marathon, in 2007, seven months after giving birth to my second daughter.  I then set my sights on qualifying for and running The Boston Marathon, which I was able to do in 2012. 


After years of marathon running, by 2009 I was looking for a new challenge.  I signed up for my first sprint triathlon and registered for a beginner triathlon class at my local YMCA.  Since that first race, I have competed in countless Sprint, Olympic, and Ironman 70.3 events in a variety of locations.



Meghan Mozi

Meghan celebrates another astonishing Ironman success.

What were some of your earliest triathlon successes?


In my very first year of triathlon in 2009, I participated in only three events finishing 8th, 15th, and 4th in my age group at that time.  In 2016, I managed to hit the podium in all of my races, including a first place age group/11th female overall finish in the Atlantic City triathlon.



Meghan Mozi

Meghan looks focused during the bike stage of a triathlon event. 

Who were your biggest supporters, mentors and inspirations at the beginning?


I learned SO much about triathlon from my first “teachers” in my YMCA triathlon class, and for that I will always be grateful.  Mary, Steve, and Todd were the best mentors.


My inspiration comes from all of the other female triathletes that I have met through triathlon groups that I have belonged to and through social media.  There are some AMAZING women out there…women who work full-time…women who get it all done and who still manage to raise their children and take care of their homes.  There’s something to be said about the dedication that it takes to wake up at 4 am, train, go to work, cart kids around, pack lunches, clean, do all the laundry, and then do it all again the next day…and the next…and the next.  It’s simply inspirational.


My biggest supporter is my family.  I could not even attempt to do any of this without the support of my husband, Patrick, and my two daughters who are 13 and 10.  My family always comes first, no matter what…so races are scheduled around the girls’ lacrosse and field hockey schedules and family vacation.



Meghan Mozi

Doing it for the girls: Meghan is passionate about empowering women around the world.

What have you gone on to achieve in the sport and where are some of the places its taken you?


Through fundraising for hurricane relief, I had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans for the first time this past fall.  Although Ironman New Orleans was cancelled due to unfortunate weather, it was an amazing experience.  I was thrilled to do something for others through the sport of triathlon.


In 2017, I had my best finish at Ironman Atlantic City at 9th place in my age group and was the 38th female overall.  This finish also gave me a ticket to Cleveland, OH this summer for USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships.  I am looking forward to racing with the best triathletes in the country!



Meghan Mozi

Meghan takes in some fresh ocean breeze on the run part of another triathlon event.

Other than sporting ways how else has triathlon had an impact on your life?


Triathlon has given me the chance to give back to others.  Through the non-profit group Race2Rebuild, I have helped to fundraise thousands of dollars for victims of natural disasters.  Most recently my fundraising has helped those impacted by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and families in New Orleans, Louisiana who continue to recover from Hurricane Katrina.



Meghan Mozi

Meghan is excited for the year ahead and is training hard for several races and events.

How hard are you currently training and what events and races do you have lined up for the months and year ahead?


Currently I am training with TriDot and Coach Bryan Kreitz.  Our goals for the 2018 season are to finish respectfully at USAT Age Group National Championships and land me on the podium for Ironman Atlantic City 70.3.  Prior to those two events, I will be participating in several local sprint and Olympic events.  I have yet to attempt a full distance triathlon, but that is on my bucket list when the time is right.

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