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Ellie Salthouse: the life of a professional triathlete

WE TALK to Ellie Salthouse about her journey as a triathlete so far and what she has planned in her sporting career for the years ahead.

Ellis Salthouse

Ellie Salthouse started racing in the sport of triathlon at the age of 11. photo Talbot Cox


ELLIE SALTHOUSE has been competing in triathlons since early on in her school years.  Since then the sport has taken on a journey which has seen her call three separate countries ‘home’ and race in over 20 nations.


In this exclusive interview Ellie talks to us about that journey and some of the highs and lows it has given her. Read on to find out about some of her biggest successes in triathlon as well as what she has planned in the sport for the years ahead.


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When did you start racing in triathlons and what were any previous sporting successes you’d had?


I started racing in triathlon at 11 years of age. I turned professional as an ITU athlete at 16. I always ran cross country at school in my younger years but never pursued anything competitively until I began triathlon. 


Ellis Salthouse

Ellie is looking to work hard at they cycling side of the sport over the next couple of years. photo Talbot Cox


When did you win your first triathlon and when was it that you first realised you had a real talent for the sport?


I won my first triathlon at 14 years of age. It was just a small local race but it fuelled the fire to pursue triathlon further and began my love for winning. 


In which discipline of triathlon do you excel at and in which do you have to work the hardest?


Swimming was always the biggest struggle for me, but after working hard at it for many years it is now my strength in 70.3 racing. Coming from ITU, my bike is my weakest leg. That is the area I have to work really hard at over the next few years to make it a strength. 


Ellie Salthouse

Ellie has recently started competing in half distance races and has seen a positive effect from the change. photo Talbot Cox


Tell us about what made you change to half distance and some of the success you’ve had since the change?


At the end of 2015 I wasn’t really enjoying the sport anymore. Siri suggested I try 70.3 racing before I decide to leave the sport altogether. Since changing to half distance, I’ve won two Ironman 70.3 races, two Challenge half races and had multiple podium finishes. 


Ellie Salthouse

The sport of triathlon has taken Ellie all over the world. photo Talbot Cox


Where has the sport taken you in the world and what have been some of the highlights? What’s it like in terms of competition and training living between the US and Australia?


I’ve been lucky enough to travel most of the globe with triathlon, a lot of Europe, Asia and the US. Being able to live in Boulder, Colorado for six months of the year is definitely my favourite part. It’s one of my favourite places in the world. I love living between the US and Australia. This is my fourth year travelling between both countries, so I have a great support crew around me in both places. I love racing and having summer year round means I can race right through the year. 


Ellie Salthouse

Ellis is currently focused on half-distance races. photo Talbot Cox


Tell us about your experience of Ironman races and are you planning to compete in any in the future?


I definitely don’t have any plans to compete in an Ironman races any time soon. 70.3 and half distance will be my focus for the next few years. 


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