Tri Dash Bangkok: Thailand’s biggest triathlon series

WE TALK to Ling, an organiser of Tri Dash Bangkok, about the history of the event and the plans to make it even bigger and better in the future.


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THE BANGKOK Dash series are triathlon events which were founded by an expat in 1999. The races have continued to grow in popularity with the rights being handed over to Go Adventure Asia in 2014.


Now rebranded ‘Tri Dash’ Bangkok we found out what competitors can expect from the races and what exciting plans Go Adventure Asia have for them in the future.




Tell us more about the idea behind Tri Dash Bangkok 2016 and how many events will be taking place in the country this year?


The Bangkok Dash series was founded by long time British expat, Peter Bond in 1999.


Bangkok Dashes were regularly organised by Peter from 1999 onwards. In 2006, Peter’s daughters, Rebecca and Tabitha, took over the responsibility of organising the Bangkok Dash series.


The Bangkok Dash has become the leading grass root triathlon series in Thailand. For hundreds of triathletes, the Bangkok Dash was their first triathlon race experience and has prepared them for longer and tougher triathlons later on.


After the end of the 2014 series the Bonds decided to hand over the rights of the series to Go Adventure Asia and the series has been rebranded ‘Tri Dash’ Bangkok.




How can competitors enter Dash Apr 2016 and what will the race involve?


Online registration is available here.


Where will Dash Apr 2016 take place and what can those entering expect from the event?


The event will take place at Bangpoo Golf and Sports Club, Samut Prakan which you can find out more about here.


It will probably be the hottest race of the year with April being the hottest month of the year in Bangkok so pacing oneself on the run will be key. It will be a big race for Tri Dash standards with 200 participants so it will be a lot of fun having so many athletes out on the course. The atmosphere among athletes is always great so it will be a fun morning for everyone.


How many different nationalities do you expect to be competing in the race?






What advice do you offer to competitors who may not have dealt with such a race in the heat of Bangkok?


Hydrate well starting from at least 24 hours before the race. Then hydrate well during and after the race. Use electrolytes and not just water for hydration. Keep yourself cool during the race with ice water and sponges. Expect your run time to be slower than your cool weather run times by five to ten per cent.




Since the series was handed over to Go Adventure Asia what new developments have their been?


We introduced a points series to keep everyone engaged and excited throughout the whole year. We increased capacity for each race from 120 to 240 athletes to give more people a chance to race. The races were selling out months in advance in the past making it hard for beginners to join once the series had started.




What does the future hold for the series and what other events are you running or planning to run in the future?


We plan to take the series around the country. The first race outside of Bangkok will be at Thanyapura Phuket, a world class training facility of which former Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack is the Executive Chairman. We plan on expanding to more places around Thailand after Phuket to bring triathlon to more provinces and get more people involved in the sport.



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