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Simone Mondino


Simone Mondino: the photographer making a living on the mountains

SIMONE MONDINO talks about how he has combined his passion for photography and adventure to achieve his life goals.

Simone Mondino

Simone Mondino gave up his job as a wedding photographer to focus on his passion of taking photos of the great outdoors.

SIMONE MONDINO loves to hike, travel and explore. He grew up on the Italian mountains where he would spend as much time as he could immersing himself in the beauty of his surroundings.

At the age of 13 he caught the photography bug and he later found himself making a career for himself as a wedding photographer.


However, there was something missing and more recently Simone decided to halt his journey as a wedding photographer. He has instead focused solely on taking photos from his hikes and travels around the world. Here he talks about that change of direction and the big ambitions he has for the years ahead.


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When did your passion for travel begin and what were some of your first travel experiences?


I think that I started to love travel and hike when I was young because my family had a house on the mountains and I went on the mountains every weekend of winter and every day during summer for a long long period. I love walk to walk into a forest or on a mountain but my first love is winter! So when I’m free I’m looking to start a new trip, a new hike to walk on the snow and in ‘bad weather’. 


Simone’s passion for photography began when he was 13. photo: Simone Mondino

When was it you started taking photographs and when did you realise you had a real talent for the art of photography?


As I said before I love snow and I started photography when I was 13 years old. Day by day I have learned the first rules because I’m a self-taught. I don’t know if I’ve got a talent but I really love my life, my job! 



Who have been your biggest supporters and mentors in what you do?


Oh… this is so simple when you have an awesome family and girlfriend like mine! Without them I don’t think I could do anything. Every day they say to me: “Yes you can do it!” 


I’ve done a lot of different jobs in my life to buy all equipment and to start to realise my dream to became an outdoor and sport photographer. I know that is so hard but I want to try to make my big dreams happen! Why not? 


Simone Mondino

Simone loves winter more than any other season. photo Simone Mondino

When did you realise you could combine photography and travel to make a career for yourself?


I decided to stop doing the wedding photography and that was my life. I love travel, to hike and the mountains and I couldn’t wait any longer.


I’m looking for a great opportunity and I hope that someone can believe in me so I can demonstrate my creativity, my constant optimism and to give my parents and girlfriend a very big gift to say thank you for everything that they are doing!  


What have been some of your career and travel highlights to date?


At the moment my best experience it has been to arrive in Semifinal of RedBull Illume last year and to be published in its book! Awesome!


Maybe the best experiences will arrive in a future but I think that every trip, every hike is a great adventure, a sick moment to realise pics and show to others how I see the world with my emotions, with my eyes! 


Simone Mondino

Simone has combined his passion for photography and the outdoors to forge a career for himself. photo Simone Mondino

What are you currently working on and what exciting trips do you have planned for the future?


Now I’m working on our next trip, this October. We’ll go to Iceland for 15 days to explore one of my favourite places in the world! 


I’m working quite well on Instagram and some brands have contacted me to photograph their products.


I’ve also another idea, a big idea but I need more sponsors first. I’m waiting and continuing to be positive!

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