Quick-fire questions with adventurer Laura Bingham

LAURA BINGHAM is the latest adventurer to answer a round of our 'quick-fire' questions.

Laura Bingham

Laura Bingham is an adventurer with her sights set on accomplishing several world firsts.


LAURA BINGHAM is an adventurer whose latest challenge saw her cycle from Ecuador to Argentina to raise awareness for Operation South America, a charity dedicated to helping impoverished young girls on that continent. She was recently featured on Limitless Pursuits and is back again to answer a round of our ‘quick-fire questions’. 


To find out more about Laura and to get connected with her over her social media channels go to www.laurabingham.org.


How are you currently spending most of your time?


I was spending it planning my wedding, which has come and gone so now Im planning my next expedition… its a jungle one! So Im trying my best to find all the funding I need to carry it out!


How long did it take you to fully recover from your Ecuador to Argentina cycle challenge?


About 2 days… but emotionally it catches me every now and then, mainly in supermarkets.


Can you give us an inkling as to what your next challenge might be and when it might be taking place?


I’m hoping in January, if I can get funding for it! And its going to be in the jungle and hopefully a world first!


What’s your favourite movie?


Labyrinth with David Bowie.


And actor?


Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.


And musician/band?


Prince and Dolly Parton.


And author?


I don’t really have one in particular.



Laura Bingham

Laura Bingham’s most recent adventure saw her cycle from Ecuador to Argentina.


If you weren’t a global adventurer what career do you think you’d be in now?




Do you have or would you get a tattoo?


I do have one. Its behind my ear and my sister designed it.


What’s your best characteristic?


That my head is in the clouds and I don’t put any limitations on what I believe I’m capable of.


And biggest flaw?


That I’m stubborn, sometimes find it difficult to take criticism and that I worry what others think.


If you had to get stuck in an elevator with someone who would that person be?


My husband! !e would be out of there in no time or just in hysterics on the floor!


What’s your most used curse word?




When are you happiest?


When I have achieved my goal or snuggled up in bed.


What makes you most angry?


When people say no and I get hurdle after hurdle, but that’s more of an angry determination. And when people say “you’re being passive aggressive”.


Where would you most like to see yourself in ten years from now?


With an ongoing TV series, a couple of world firsts and a couple of children.

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