Jamie Ramsay: the ‘City boy’ who ran across the Americas

JAMIE RAMSAY left a well-paid job in the City to chase his passion for running and adventure. This is his remarkable story so far.



JAMIE RAMSAY had spent 12 years in a corporate career when he realised something was missing in life. He upped and left it all and has since followed his passion for adventure and running to all corners of the globe.


He first challenged himself to ‘run the Americas’ and in this exclusive interview talks about that 15-month adventure and goes into detail about some of the highlights and people he met along the way. Read on to find out about some of the adventures he’s been on since which have seen him travel to the Alps and the Pyrenees as well as set himself challenges in the UK.


To follow Jamie’s latest adventures and to learn about his project to take inner city kids on an endurance adventure visit www.jamieramsay.net.


What inspired you to leave your job and form a new career for yourself?

I had spent 12 years working in the City for a top international communications consultancy and one day realised that I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. I looked at the people around me and while I respected them, I wasn’t inspired by them and certainly didn’t want to go down the same life path. I decided to prioritise my passions which were travelling, running and adventure and set a new path that would accommodate these things and hopefully enable me to feel motivated and fulfilled.
Jamie Ramsay

Jamie Ramsay had always had a passion for adventure but it took 12 years working in the City for him to realise that it was something he wanted to commit his whole life to.

Tell us what you did and especially about that solo run you embarked on?


The adventure that came out of that process was my #RunningTheAmericas expedition. A solo and unsupported 17,000km run from Canada to Argentina. This wasn’t the first choice and I sometimes refer to it as the easy option. I looked at around the world and down through Africa but made the decision that due to my novice status as an adventurer, desire to do this alone and lack of funds – they were too big for this stage of my new career. My run was through 14 countries, across two continents and was possible with a UK passport, no visas and only two languages. In my head this seemed manageable.
I wanted my adventure to be as authentic as possible so I kept the logistics to a minimum. Normally I would only plan one or two days ahead – even on the first day, I had no idea where I was camping that night. The unknown added to the excitement and helped my deal with the huge task at hand.
Jamie Ramsay

Jamie combines his passion for travel with his love to run whenever he can.

What were some of the highlights of that run and who did you meet along the way?


It is very hard to pick out a few highlights because I was on the road for so long. One of the things that pleases me the most is that in the 15 months I was on the road not one bad thing happened to be from another human being. The kindness and generosity was epic and every country surprised me on a daily basis. If it was a free meal, a bed for the night or a cold beer, there was always someone there to help give me the inspiration to move forward. The support from home was also amazing.
Some of the big moments for me include the 700km I spent running across the Atacama Desert, crossing the Andes at 4,830m, hitchhiking across the Sea of Cortez, Navigating around the Darien Gap, Surfing down an active volcano, watching a 700 year old mummy being unwrapped… the list goes on!
Jamie Ramsay

On his run across the Americas Jamie was inspired by the kindness he received from other humans.

What adventures have you been on since and where have they taken you?

I was very aware that the mental side of finishing a big adventure can be very difficult so I made sure I threw myself into more adventures. I cycled from Edinburgh to London, set the record for running the entire of the National Three Peaks, ran 430km around the Scottish Isles and recently cycled from Sao Paulo to La Paz – a journey of almost 3,700km in 28 days. I have also visited the Alps, the Pyrenees, the highlands and Wales. Life is now spent travelling around in a Mazda Bongo looking for stunning places to run and train.
Jamie Ramsay

Jamie has met all kinds of wonderful people during his travels.

Tell us about your blog and what our readers can expect from it?

I am trying to make my blog an adventure for those who visit. It is a collection of photos, videos, kit suggestions, running routes and links to things that inspire me. Nothing too serious just an adventure online!
Jamie Ramsay

Jamie likes to immerse himself in nature whenever he has the chance.

Have you got any interesting runs or challenges planned for the rest of the year and beyond?


I have the GoreTex Transalpine run in September and I need as much training as possible. When I stop typing this I will be lacing up my trail shoes and running to the top of Pic Du Midi du Bigorre.
I am also planning an adventure that will hopefully take kids from the inner city areas of the UK on a fully funded endurance adventure. I need to find £10,000 in funding first (hint hint).

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